Sunday, January 9, 2011

LOOK-A-LIKE: Floral Prints

 We both love florals but then we own few floral printed clothes. I guess It's pretty hard to find the perfect floral print. I am OC just that way. haha!

 My little Marise is wearing an entire outfit from SM Kids. I so love how sophisticated and trendy all the kids wear there. I remember buying this whole ensemble for her, and thought if there's a size for me! I so love how stylish her outfit is!

These photos were taken last January 01, 2010 when hubby and I treated the whole family to a sumptuous dinner at Guilligan's (did I spell it right?). I so enjoyed that night because of the hearty meals plus the hearty bonding we had that night. Photos to be blogged tomorrow!

PS: I am happy with my new hair! I got it rebonded again. Same cut but with a more defined and silky smooth strands! Photos will be out soon as I got to photograph myself.

I am excited to meet my photographer this coming week! Talk about shop plans ladies! I can't wait for this project any longer! Got to go now need to do some take home work. HAVE A HAPPY SUNDAY!

floral dress as top- from my supplier
shorts- SM Department store
cardigan- thrifted
flats- Divisoria
accessories- from supplier


  1. Aww, both of you are so cute! Love the top!!!

  2. i agree! sm kids is really vamping it up. everytime i go there, i am tempted to buy one for my niece. they are really just to die for

  3. you and your daughter look fab, denise!:)

  4. i love your tube top denies! :]]
    and your baby is so cute! fashion na hashion! ;]

  5. pretty and fashionista like mommy! :)


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