Monday, January 31, 2011


 How do you spend your Friday night? Well as for me, I had my last week's Friday ended-up so so so HAPPY! I had a happy dinner with Cheena while exchanging different stories. I can really feel the connection between us. More than the collaboration we have for my shop and for our blogs, it's the friendship after all that connects us.

So here's a photo-story of what happened that Friday night...

love your F21 clogs Cheens!
 Then when I arrived home, I saw a package from Anagon! Whoa! The necklaces I ordered came so fast! I was excited to open the package but I took photos of the package first. haha!

I guess my baby was more than excited and happy to open my Anagon package. Hahaha! She loves the items she found inside the paper bag!

PS: Thanks so much to Ana for the wonderful necklaces! Will post photos of me wearing your necklaces!

New collection coming-out this week! Stay-tuned!
To my hubby, get well soon! So we can celebrate our anniversary na! Mwah!


  1. love the maxi skirt! go rock the necklace soon! =)

  2. aww your daughter looks just like you!

  3. You two look gorgeous. Your baby, too, of course :)

    And oh, I gave you an award on my blog. :)


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