Friday, November 26, 2010


If the last time, we were in Manila Ocean Park to celebrate my cute little daughter's birthday, we went to Manila Zoo and Mall of Asia on my hubby's birthday! I warn you photo overload (I just can't limit myself to sharing to all of you our sweet bonding moments!) Without so much ado, take a look on our bonding photos...
photo taken outside the house
my daughter and my hubby

First pose upon landing to Manila Zoo!

Dumbo is here!

Mrs. Ostrich is coming!

We both wonder what's inside the cage?hmmm...

terno kme, donning the tunic top!

sit on a while...

then we saw Mr. Pony eating grass so healthy!

"tatay paano ba patakbuhin ang butterfly na de-gulong?"

Hi Mr. Monkey!
The lagoon, we wanted to ride on the boat but Marise was frightened :(

she's smiling don't worry she's just really like that haha!

the sun, ang init!

time to refresh before heading to MOA!

My portrait shot with my fedora hat!

..and so he wore my hat too!

bubble time!

After hanging around with the animals, refreshing a bit, and lots of cam-whoring, we headed to MOA for a colder environment. Then we hopped into Kevin's Place where I let my daughter play, and not only she did enjoy, I also was.

With her penchant for kitchen utensils and cooking stuffs, I think she'll be a professional chef like Giada de Laurentiis. FYI: Everyday Italian and Barefoot Contessa, are two of her favorite cooking programs!

And this the reason why I enjoyed  the playroom, REALISTIC environment. As in mukhang little village! at ang mga food realistic din!

ayaw magpahiram saad...:(

with the miniature master's bedroom

nag-enjoy siya sa kulungan haha!at nag-enjoy din siyang ikulong ako haha!


And before we went home we bought our lovely daughter a pair of sandals from Nickeledeon with Dora the Explorer as the character! She's the happiest!

cute right?

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