Sunday, November 7, 2010


God really has plans for us, and I proved it so many times just like what had happened last November 3, 2010. It's my hubby's 23rd birthday, and it's also my class at RAW SCHOOL. Given that, I have a class that day, and still have no homework yet, I still I said to myself that I wanted to be with my hubby's birthday no matter what. And so, luckily, our dear mentor, just texted me that the class will be scheduled next week! It all made my day easier! I am so thankful to God He has let me enjoy the day!:)

But before the SURPRISE birthday celebration ( I fought with my hubby the night before his birthday, and didn't even talk to him the next day...still part of the plan haha!) I along with Maris we went to a research session about ISLAM. As we all know our class will be moved next week and we don't have anymore reasons not to pass our homework. Our homework is this: MAKE AN AD FOR BOTH: ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY. THE OBJECTIVE IS TO GET MORE MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS. Gawd so difficult!(if anyone here who can help me please do, I think I am losing a lot of blood the whole time I was thinking hehe!)
 And so we reached our first destination for that day, TURK'S SHAWARMA by JACOB located at Ortigas,Pasig City. ( the shawarma is to die-for!haha!) Jacob is Maris's friend and he is so kind and very accommodating. He taught us everything we could know about Islam. He even gave us Qu'ran for free!:)
 He preached so many good things about Islam and showed us some videos for more information. He's so game at this research! After hours of discussion and all, we ate our lunch there and rest for a while and had this photo taken before we went back to our office.

ADVERTISEMENT: If you want a taste and feel of Turkey just go to TURK'S SHAWARMA at Ortigas, Pasig City! 

On the way back to office we discussed what Islam is truly saying, that if we would make an ad for it what does it want to say to a non-muslim for him to accept Islam? (this is a tough one! Need help!)

As soon as we get back to office, I rest for a while and headed straight to the mall to meet my hubby's sister, for our much-awaited and much-planned SURPRISE BIRTHDAY BASH! (just a simple one, my hubby's not into lavish celebrations, he's happy with a simple cake hehe )

I arrived at the mall just in time, Thea and me bought cake and Pancit Malabon as our surprise for him(Sansrival cake is his fave! Yum!) then we headed straight to hubby's grocery. On the way there, Thea and I talked about our future business plans, we both no longer want to be forever employed so we are planning to go full-time businesswomen! Nice eh?! Will discuss more about this as planned.

 As we arrived the grocery, we were surprised to see that hubby was not there, according to his dad, he answered a phone call at his room. We waited for several minutes and voila! As soon as he entered the grocery, I hopped out behind the cases of beer, and greeted him HAPPY BIRTHDAY! haha look at the photos he really looked surprised!:)

 Then after it, we munched on these yummy food! I am so full that day! After pigging-out, Thea and I continued our chit-chats!
 We were laughing before we part-ways home, and said to ourselves: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! haha! Of course we documented ourselves with the cases of softdrinks as our background! hahaha!

ADVERTISEMENT: For bulk orders of grocery needs, especially beers and softdrinks, just tell me and I 'll let you talk to my hubby!:)

Next mission is to go home and surprise our cute little baby with KFC Bucket meal! (KFC is my daughter's fave!)
Cute little tumblers!:)
Hubby's choice!
My choice!
a bit of cam-whoring while waiting for our orders.

That night ended with our full stomachs, and happy hearts!:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN YOW!:)

Me and my cute little girl, and our messy house haha!

Tatay's girl

COMING NEXT: Our family trip to Manila Zoo!:) Part 2 of my hubby's celebration!

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  1. your daughter's so adorable! :D im sure she loved the tumblers. happy birthday to your hubby!


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