Saturday, October 23, 2010


Last week, we had a product photo shoot for a client. And it was the very first time I witnessed a REAL photo shoot with COMPLETE and EXPENSIVE and HI-TECH gadgets present all over the area. All I have in my DIY photo studio is a newspaper back drop, newspaper flooring, a tripod, my dslr, and my small light bulb. I could not help but wish someday to have my REAL photography studio. 

And so we went to the location area, in Salcedo Village, Makati City. As I saw the house of our photographer's mentor, my jaw dropped involuntarily (imagine?) haha! I felt l was in a museum of sort, or in a vacation house in Laguna Beach. The house is so cozy, elegant, and not to mention...BIG!

I was not able to have a photo of the house, for I was so excited then, to see how it looked inside. As we climbed the four-storey house, the staircase is filled with books of all type, size, shape, and color. Gawd! According to our photographer, the owner of the house finished reading ALL the books. Gawd!

And so after being marveled by the story of the house, off we reached the studio. It's already set-up, and all we need to do is lay down all the products and start the ball rolling.

kunyari stolen shot ko daw haha!

I met Ate Joyce, our photographer's better-half. She's so funny, free-spirited and should I say, cool! After an hour of product photo shoot, our dear photographer was so kind enough to take my outfit photo of that day. Gawd, I was not prepared. But yeah, I grasp the opportunity to be photographed by a professional photographer, inside a REAL studio.

Here are the behind-the-scenes of the photo shoot...

ate Joyce at the middle, ang tangkad nanliit ako haha!
pumoposing haha!

I will let you know the results of our KA-ARTEHANG photo shoot hahaha!. Kuya Von, our photographer, is so busy right now, I hope he'll email us the photos in the coming days.

As for now, I will leave you with my outfit shots taken from my ever-reliable point-and-shoot camera!:)

I dared to try the print-on-print trend. And I must say, I rocked it so well! haha nagbuhat ng bangko, ay lamesa pala!haha!

haha oh nag-take advantage ako sa magandang cr, naputol naman head ko haha!

I love this native chandelier!

HAPPY WEEKEND LADIES!! GOSSIP COLLECTION is already uploaded, check it out on my store, by clicking my store's logo on the left side bar!:)

acid-wash long top- divisoria
animal-print blazer- thrifted
gladiator sandals-from my supplier
accessories- Quiapo
woven bag- c/o MARIS


  1. love your blazer and shoes so much denise! oh and i posted a print on print look too yesterday! haha! love it! :))

  2. @scarlet april: thank you dear!i will check your blog!i miss reading your blog!:)are you going to PFW?

    @krissy:AWW THANKS KRISSY!See you soon! pag may event don't forget to invite me ah?:)

  3. I want that leopard blazer!!!! Hehehehe :) Gorgeous look, dear! ^^

  4. I love leopard prints!!! Hot hot outfit. Jungle vibes!

  5. i really love your print on print look, den!:) I covet your blazer!!

  6. love love the blazer! and i want your sandals! hehe.. you look amazing! ^^

    I Am DollParts

  7. Your blazer is ridiculous. I kind of want to kill you right now. Hahaha. *inggit!*


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