Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This photos was taken at a mall and in the office last week. This was in time for our Raw School preparations. We were at the mall for some "chillax" mode, just strolling around and window shopping.

During rainy seasons, all I wanna do is sleep, and eat. I know this wouldn't be possible for I don't wanna be like a couch potato forever! I can't imagine myself sitting on a couch, munching on my favorite snack the whole day. hehe!

Rainy days has kept me having my outfit pictures indoor, that's why I miss Mr. Sun now.
Agh Mr. Rain keeps me sleepy and gloomy...Mr. Sun please come back now. :)

Charcoal printed dress- thrifted
grey belt- from supplier
blazer- thrifted
red shoes- B club
accessories- Quiapo


  1. I love the fact that your accessories are from Quiapo - the beads hub :D

  2. your red shoes are so chic, i love the fact that it gave a very nice pop of color on your outfit. i'll join your giveaway! but i gotta think well of an answer first hihihi.

  3. fab skirt. come follow and vote 4 me xo


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