Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The followers of my blog, should have noticed since I started, that in all of my outfit posts, I am always on flats or sandals. Well though, a few times, I may be on heels. I guess it's pretty practical to be on flats or sandals when you commute to work everyday. I once tried to go to work with a 4 inches wedges, and I said on that moment I will never do it again, for I accidentally bumped my head on the ceiling of the jeepney! gawd...awkward!

If most of the fashion bloggers you see are on heels, I think I am the only one who is love with flats and sandals. I guess, they're my "KILLER HEELS" for that matter. But honestly speaking, if I will be given a chance to shop for one day, I will probably get all the wedges and killer heels my two eyes can see.

I realized that I have no decent or should I say "presentable" killer heels in my closet. Though I have a pair of wedges, and pumps, but still they're not pretty enough to be used on special occassions.

So until last week, the search for the perfect pair of killer heels (after the scammer hiatus I have to go through) I finally now found DARLENE (well it's her name under the shoe catalogue of the store where I bought her).

I fell inlove the moment I saw her. She's so gorgeous and I can really feel she's meant to be worn on my feet!

And because of my excitement, I had her photoraphed for the first time. And the theme...SWEET ROCKER BABE!

I felt like wearing it with an all black ensemble, and with my newly thrifted, NAFNAF biker vest! So cute right?

If you want an affordable yet stylish killer heels justl like my DARLENE you can visit CF ONLINE SHOP for more on-hand korean killer heels!:)

LBD- thrifted
biker vest- thrifted( NAFNAF)
accessories- Quiapo


  1. agree!that pair of shoes is truly a beauty! =D

  2. They really are awesome! Plus the outfit is perfect for the pair. Definitely my favorite look from you (;

  3. I love your new killer heels! PS Hope you are feeling better!


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