Monday, July 12, 2010


Weekends with my hubby and with my baby are really something to cherish.

We may be so busy the whole week, but on weekends we get to bond together.

Most of our bonding time is eating, malling, and cartoon marathon with our cute little baby!

Last night we brought her to a playroom (I forgot the name) and se really enjoyed well and me too!

Then we went home with big smiles and happy hearts! Oh I love weekends!

By the way here’s my latest collection!I only choose SOME of my faves!haha so plenty!

Check out the wholecollection click the calling card on the

left side


  1. nice collection Denise! The top from Zebrays Salma is very pretty, i like! <3

    Lee []

  2. love the collection dear! the clothes are all so stylish!:)

  3. great blog, love the 2nd and 3rd looks! come follow me xoxo


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