Sunday, July 18, 2010


Let me share with you guys what I wore recently to work. I wore my royal blue Georgette dress under my brown vest, paired with my black tights and brown shoes. I was about to go home then on those pictures, then I pulled my officemate to take my photos. When I was struggling home while sitting inside the cab, I realized how big my bag is, and I wonder what other girls put inside their bags.

Let me share to you what I have inside my huge bag. (The bag is a gift from my hubby!)

1. MY GENIUS NOTEBOOK I bought from papemelroti. It's a DIY notebook. I bought two notebooks and paste the cover together to form one thick notebook. This is where I write my thoughts in minds, and of course some secrets hehe.

2. MY WET WIPES, TISSUE, AND MEDICINE I feel incomplete without my tissue around. I need it all the time, coz I am so very very OC and I hate dirts! I always experience headache so I always have my biogesic, ponstan, neozep inside my medicine plastic.

3. HERBENCH SCENT Well yeah I love scents! I hate bad smells that's why I always have my bodyspray inside my bag. You can smell me from a distance with this one. Very nice long-lasting scent!

4. MY PENCIL CASE I am a copywriter! And it's a must for me to have tons and tons of writing tools! As I think of a new idea, I should be able to immediately draw it and write it til I shape it to the biggest idea ever! It's hard to catch an idea! And writing pens are good catchers!

5. MY COINPURSE I always have coins to avoid paying bills to drivers who doesn't know to give back proper changes.

6. MY MAKE-UP KIT This is the heaviest amongst the items inside my bag. I would have forgotten my umbrella, but never this one. haha! I don't wanna be caught dead with an oily face or faded eyeliner or worst, a very dry lips.

7. MY CELLPHONE I once tried to live my work day without my cellphone. And I must say it's' really hard!I will never ever forget to put my cellphone inside my bag before going to office. I text a lot more than making phone calls. I can make 150 text messages in a day. And almost everyday I go to loading stations to buy load. I guess I can make them millionaires. haha

8. MY HANKY for wiping my face when sweat covers it up.

9. MY WALLET I guess my cellphone and my wallet are the most important things inside my bag before my point-and-shoot camera. I am an impulse buyer when it comes to food. I buy anything as long as it is delicious, so I'd better be armed with my cash.

10. MY HAIRBRUSH I can't live without my hair brush especially that I have long hair to manage.

11.OLD PICTURES to reminisce and for inspiration. :)

12. MY GADGET KIT where my mp4, three usb, and my memory cards are inside.

Now I am tagging 8 gorgeous ladies to answer my tag post!

Scarlet of Scarlet April
Louela of Louela Daniele


  1. You are so organized Simone... I also carry with me a pencil case. I can never leave home without tons of pens even if it's just to the grocery. Hahaha!

  2. hi simone!
    thanks for tagging me to do share what's inside my bag...:D i already did this and you can check out this post: inside my oversized bag ♥

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  3. very cute outfit, Simone! thanks for the tag. will try to do a bag post soon...that's if im able to tame the "jungle" that is my bag. hahahaha!

  4. your bag seems so organized ;-) i'm lovin the color of your dress!


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