Thursday, July 22, 2010


My Winning Ad for the night!

Last night is one of the most memorable nights of my life. I was with my partner/officemate at Leo Burnett’s conference room for our second session in RAW School. We were 30 minutes late because we printed out our 24 print ad- homework, through our very slow printer. We should have been there before 6:30pm but we arrived at 7pm. As we entered the room, lots of new faces were looking at us, and our mentor for the night was already starting his lesson. We were so tired then, sleepy and hungry, but we were awakened with his lecture. It’s all about the 50 Boxes Freak show. Meaning to say, he’s teaching us techniques on how to think LOTS of ideas in order to sell a certain product, even those unsellable ones. Hehe. He’s so damn good! I salute you Mr. Brandy Tan! He filled-up the entire boxes within 2 hours, while discussing the 50 techniques. I am so inspired and challenged to do better. After the class we ate first while waiting for the awarding ceremony for the best homeworks of the night! On the middle of the announcement, I and my partner were losing hope that our works won’t be part of the “best among the best”, but all of the sudden, my work was part of it! I rushed in front and get my work and I had a chance to be known just for a little time.

I will never ever forget this experience! The pain is all worth it!


Floral dress- from my supplier

Black leggings- greenhills


Blazer- my hubby’s



  1. love your floral dress, the color just pops!

  2. I do love your sandals! :)


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