Thursday, July 8, 2010


Yesterday was so much FUN yet so much a VERY TIRING day! We we're (me and my officemate) on field the whole day, fixing the venues and permits for the event that we are organizing. Then later in the afternoon we were so tired already, but the adrenaline is there since it's our first day of class in RAW SCHOOL. I am so excited because I finally found a training course that would shape my skills more. I believe learning is a continuous process. We were so plenty in our class, and we are all of the same ages. We came from different agencies with one goal, to finish the course with flying colors! I really enjoyed the whole night and I didn't care about the time. Where in the world would you see a class with very funny and witty mentors like ours; they even prepared boxes of pizza, bowl of chips, bottles of soft drinks, and lots and lots of choc nuts! Who wouldn't enjoy right?!
That's the best class ever! Well, a class wouldn't be complete without a homework...a very very tough homework! I guess I should starting working it now!

Sorry for the blurred photos!Hinihingal kasi kami niyan.haha! Thanks for all the comments I'll get back to you later on guys!

Tiered dress- thrifted
black blazer- thrifted
leggings- SM
Belt- divisoria
shoes- divisoria

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  1. what is RAW school? i would definitely want to go back to school...and maybe study marketing..or fine arts...hehe.

    we're the same by the way! i wear my dresses with leggings or pants too! love your dress here!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥


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