Sunday, July 25, 2010


I know I know the title is so corny but it's true! I have never been to Cubao expo but I have seen it heard it, and read it several times on TV, radio, and print. I have long been planning to go there with my hubby, but unfortunately we both don't know how to go there. It was just yesterday that I have finally seen up close and personal - Cubao Expo- with my officemate. I thought it was that beautiful, I kinda felt disappointed, coz I thought of it as something that "NEBULOUS" well I told myself, maybe because it's just saturday and most of the shops are closed. The main reason why we were there is because of our homework in our RAW School, which is to create a print ad for Cubao Expo. We're going back again on Monday for more pictures.

See that the red shoes? I got that pair for P299 it's brand new and it's so so so nice!:)

Purple dress- greenhills
leggings- SM
Necklace- Quiapo
earrings- Quiapo
Gladiator sandals- from my supplier


  1. Your dress is so pretty Denise! Hindi pa ako nakakapunta ng Cubao-X haha, pero ilang beses ko na siya nadaanan. :)

    And your red shoes, love! I have a thing for red shoes ^__^

    Lee [ ]

  2. Oh we'll be in Cubao Expo next month! Boyfriend is having an exhibit there. :)

  3. love your black flats and red shoes denise! so cool! :)

  4. i've always wanted to go there too! and yes your red shoes are lovely..

  5. cute red shoes! and only P299?!?! wow!

  6. love that area ;-) went there for the first time a couple of years ago, it's a riot at night ~ so artsy!

  7. p.s. and the shoes ~ what a steal! ;-)

  8. hello! I love yer glads!!! who's your supplier? I wanna have one as well! PLEASE ;)


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