Friday, July 30, 2010


" If all else fail, wear black!" I guess that's my motto when I am dressing-up especially if I can't think of any. Black for me is a no-fail color. Very versatile, classic, and elegant. I have been wearing straight black outfits for two days, it has been my routine to wear black whenever we have brainstorming sessions. I can think well when I am in black, I just don't know why! hehe!

I am planning a little giveaway, actually this will be my very first giveaway! I am still thinking what to give and I hope in time I will release it, many will support. :) I am also planning to rehash the design of my blog this weekend. I was so so so busy these past few days. :)

Black dress- thrifted
black blazer- thrifted
liquid leggings- bought online
grey belt- from supplier
brown shoes- divisoria
bag- sm
necklace- handmade


  1. love the tan flats ~ you got them in divi? where? hahaha! i so miss rue dela divi ;-)

  2. love the all black ensemble denise and your liquid leggings!!! :)

  3. First of all, thanks for the nice comment on my post! hee. we can follow each other here in blogger if you want! :) nice outfit posts!!!! :)

    P.S I commented in your Cubao X post. I want your glad flats!! where can I get one?? Who's your supplier? :) THANKS!

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  5. Hi ladies! thanks for all your comments!


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