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Hi ladies I am excited to answer the TAGGED POST by the pretty ever Scarlet April! This is my first time to be tagged to answer several questions, and for that I am so thankful for her! Without further ado, let's get going to the real deal:

1. What do you do for a living?
Well, long before I landed a job in an advertising agency, I already own an online shop. I had one which we own by my friend, but it was closed because of her busy schedule. I continued online shopping thru Simone's Closet and it will be almost one year coz we're going 1 this August 30. I am a freelancer writer, I have written an entire catalogue for an international brand.

So to sum it up I am a copywriter, online seller, and a freelance writer. But I am dreaming to become a fashion stylist also in the future. :)

Oh and by the way, I have only few pictures while working. Well, being a copywriter and working in an advertising agency is really demanding, yet fun! Oh I love the pressure baby, and the lots of brainstorming...and headache! haha!

2. What is your blog name and why?
Well I got his blog's name from the name of my baby girl "Marise Ysabel Simone". She's my inspiration so I got her third name for my online store and my blog. :)

3. If you could raid one's closet, whose closet it would be and why?
I like to dig in the closet of Lauren Conrad, Hilary Duff, and the Olsen twins! I just so so so love their styles! They have this power to look fabulous in anything they wear, either they are dressed-up or down.

Only that more of the Olsen twin's attires are not wearable here in our country. :)

4. What is your favorite movie?
Let's support Filipino Movies first above anything. I love Eskapo (the story of Heny Lopez and Serge Osmena). I love John Lloyd and Sarah's You Changed My life.

For hollywood films, I like Twilight and its sequels (who wouldn't be in love with Edward and Bella?Sometimes I think I wanted to be Bella haha!). I also like Transformers and it's sequel (I so so love Shia LaBeouf). I am both waiting for the showing of their sequels and I can't no more!:)

5. Who is your style icon?
I am deeply in love with the whole personality and style of ever great Ms. Carine Roitfeld of Vogue France. I so adore how she puts clothes together and how quirky she is when mixing and matching pieces. . So perfect!

6. Why did you start blogging?
I was thinking that blogging will help promote my online shop, but I realized it's more of a hobby than after all a promotion. I feel satisfied and happy when I got to see comments on my blog, even if I am just a humble blogger who started out few months ago. I tend to practice more my writing skills, I tend to read other bloggers' stories and fashion styles. I can pick up inspirations from them. The whole blogging thing is very enjoying!:)

7. Your own fashion style.
Upon typing what to answer to this question, I actually looked on my past posts of my outfits, and all I can say is my style is UNPREDICTABLE. I can go girly today, boho chic, tomorrow, rocker chic the next day, vintage girly on the other, work mode attire on the following day, simple casual on the next, and nerdy nerd nerd on the day after tomorrow. I based my style for the day on what inspires me, what I feel today, and of course my mode of transportatioN.If my dad will bring me to the office, I will put on skirts or dresses without leggings or with stockings, but if not, I will be on my usual favorite...leggings. I am a no fan of heels but I love them to bits occasionally. I cannot wear them everyday since, I commute in the afternoon.

My style is like a box of chocolates , you'll never know what you'll get. :)

Here's my box of fashion style:

8. Where do you usually shop?
I love shopping at divisoria, SM department store, and ukay-ukay. For my shoes I'd prefer shopping with my supplier. :) Accessories I go to Quiapo.

* Photos other than my personal ones are out-sourced from google image search engine and are not intended to be owned or used against the real owners of them. They are just used to portray the answers of this tagged post. Thank you!:)


  1. who's your supplier? i'm not gonna sell anything I just want shoes! are they cheaper? haha!

  2. hi! i enjoyed reading your answers :) im lovin your blog banner btw :)

  3. hi dear! thanks so much for answering! i love your choices for style icons and your own "fashion box"! :)

  4. aww. your baby girl is so cute! :)
    I'd love to raid The Olsen's and Hilary Duff's closets too.


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