Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Aside from the terrible heat, is the terrible service of a cafe named Jack's Loft. It is located at Il Terrazzo Mall near ABS-CBN. We've been there for several times, and yesterday was our third visit, and with us is our dear client. We arrived at around past 1pm, we came from a lunch meeting we were really full. Upon sitting down inside Jack's Loft, we ordered for a fishbowl iced tea and hot tea first since we and our client is really full an can no longer eat. We started the meeting and had it in straight 2 hours. We had a little break, since the client want's to have his yosi break, when the waiter from the said cafe approached my companion (my artist, since I was too busy texting), and said, they have a minimum of P300 and we are overstaying already, and that our bill is P150 only. (I forgot what the waiter's exact words were, but that was what he meant). He was actually ORDERING us to order more and reach P300 so that we can stay longer. Whoa!To my dismay all I did was go out and look for our account executive who happened to be at the powder room, the moment the incident occured. I was so relieved that the client was not there when it happened. Nakakahiya! The waiter could have said it nicely, not to that way that he is as if saying we can't afford to pay our bill and that we can't afford to order more. Grrr!!!! And so to avoid commotions, we ordered a bowl of fries, and garlic mushrooms. After the meeting, and after the client went home, our AE confronted the manager, but the manager seemed deaf that she actually cannot speak a single word at first. All she said was "pagsasabihan ko na lang po yung waiter namin" and " Sorry po mam, sa susunod po..." she actually didn't finish her words when our AE said, "nangyari na ang nangyari, it's been done, and you can't do anything about it! Hindi na kami babalik dito!" And so we left the poor cafe. What we were pointing is, the waiter could have said his message in a nicer way, he should have known that we felt belittled by what he said. I hope this will serve as a lesson to the waiters, to the management people to train their employees well to avoid situations like this. Ugh!Enough of these!
Kainit ng ulo!Kainis!

By the way I'd like to share my outfit yesterday, and my baby's latest photos!:)

black blouse- thrifted
high-waisted B&W striped trousers-boutique find
black flats-landmark

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  1. i love your trousers! super chic! am still on the search for one :s

    anyway, to answer ur Q on my blog, i bought my oxfords @ eBay ;)

    toni perfumedredshoes.blogspot.com


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