Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Spread your wings and prepare to fly coz you have become a butterfly.... anyway I would just like to share with you guys my latest ukay find I bought for myself. It's a long chiffon top with butterfly print infront and at the back. I wore this yesterday, while battling the uber traffic road, because of the re-route system the massive fire outbreak in E.rodriguez has caused. I was late for 2 days again! I hate these circumstances! And because of that, my transportation fare is going beyond the limit coz I am forced to take a cab all the way to New Manila. Anyway, I am just hoping that everything will turn out right especially that today is our major pitch day for our client. If we won this pitch, we're going to produce a 360 degree IMC campaign for 1 year! Goodluck to us!

butterfly printed top- thrifted
black leggings- greenhills
black gladiator sandals- boutique find
black belt- divisoria
brown cuff- gift
black ring- quiapo


  1. Wow----I love the print!!!
    and the top is black! (my fave)
    Hope you got the account gurl!
    Nice find!

  2. Denise text me, when you say boutique find, where's that? Love your shoes! Parang gusto ko rin ng ganyan. Haha.

  3. pwede k n po maginf butterfly. ahehehe

  4. Nice! I wish i could get away with printed tops like that :)

  5. nice dress!!! lovely outfit and very feminine! love the butterfly print! love how it pops the whole dress!!!

    xoxo jenna

  6. Hi, I love the butterfly print, its really striking!


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