Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I had the most stressful weekend ever!whoah!But the good thing is, I had them fixed yesterday.

Stress Number 1: My precious baby fell from our sofa and her back head was hit on our hard floor. My goodness!I rushed to her and thought that I could save her but my gosh I was too late! I was so saddened at how she cried, I was hurt more than the pain she was feeling at that moment. I was panicing but tried to remain at ease. I tried to stop her cry then put cold compress at the part where the bukol is. Thank God after almost 30 minutes of crying she stopped and went back to normal. whoa! Imagine how drastic it was, coz the next day (and that is Monday) I will have a client presentation, but my powerpoint is not done yet!I decided to go half-day, to finish my presentation and take care of my daughter. I t was so very successful and even though my presentation is not long, hew liked it so much that we ended up closing the deal!

black skirt from simonescloset.multiply.com
black tanktop- A&F
black pumps- Parisian Jr.
bib necklace-simonescloset.multiply.com

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