Friday, March 12, 2010


I am so busy as in uber busy preparing for my two upcoming collections for my online store. I have so many items waiting for you guys! and of course lot and lots of FREEBIES!yeah sounds good right? Just wait for my upcoming collections and sure you won't regret it!:) Anyway I found this Stella Mc Cartney sailor dress in my fave thrift store and the good news will be up for bidding on my online store! I really can't wait!


  1. hiya denise, just discovered your site through random surfing, glad to find it! its always pleasant to discover another filipina fashion blogger online:)

    kudos on your stella mccartney find!

    i'm from cebu btw, hope you can check out my site/follow me as well? ill be sure to follow back!


  2. hello denise! we should have been twins!hihihi. i love this dress! it's truly gorgeous!

    hope to see more of you here. have a great weekend.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  3. WOW that is one excellent find! Will definitely be checking out your shop! (:

    And thanks for the sweet comment doll! (:

  4. love it. super cute.

    following you xoxo


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