Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Whoa! I am excited to share with you guys my latest thrift find! I was really sweating digging for a good find inside my favorite ukay shop when I saw this vintage dress sandwiched between piles and piles of clothes!Whoa so happy to see her!I felt like I was travelling back in the 80s or whatsoever era in the past and had this song my TOTO "Rosanna" played inside my mind. How weird right?! Anyway my heart pounded as I was approaching her! I was like c'mon I am close to you nobody should see you ore else I'm gonna scream! And YES FINALLY!I held her ran toward the tindera! Whew so worth it!

I will have this dress on SALE at my online shop. Just finishing my other works and I'll post them soon!:)


  1. that is once cute dress!
    especially loved the shoulder detail..:D

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    vanilla ice cream ♥ 
    | for the love of accessories |

  2. hi denise, i followed you na!
    love that dress,gurl!
    so summery!


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