Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Since I am an Ad Copywriter, it is very important for me to be conscious enough to see the AD Campaigns I am doing is not violating ethics. One of the ethics that really stucked to my mind is a print ad done by WWF ; that simply says that animals should not be killed in order to make haute couture dresses, jackets, or bags or even souvenirs. I am really impressed by that Ad, that it made me more protective to animals. Oh well this dress is not really made out of cheetah, it's just faux...fake..not real... hehe. I wouldn't buy real cheetah dress just to suffice my crave for animal prints. I just buy the fake ones...FAKE CHEETAH EARRINGS, FAKE CHEETAH BLAZER... FAKE LEOPARD DRESS, all animal prints but FAKE! Let's be fashionable in the proper way, let us not hurt animals for the sake of fashion.
this is the animal-printed earrings the same as mine

the faux animal-printed tunic top I have

My faux cheetah-printed blazer

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