Thursday, February 11, 2010


Back then I don't go to ukay-ukay stores for I thought clothes there are disgusting... but I am definitely wrong! I started ukay shopping when I went to college. Since my university does not require us to wear a uniform, I needed to update my wardrobe to be able for me to make a 1 whole week attire! I am so maarte when it comes to dressing. I don't want my classmates to have the same piece of clothes that I am wearing. I wanted to be always a stand-out! That leads me to go thrift shopping. I remember the first day I entered an ukay shop, I was so lucky to get two fab blouses for only P50 each! I still wear them up to now, but the other piece is missing. If I would rate how many clothes inside my closet are from ukay... I think 70 percent of it are from ukay.
I wanted to share to you my latest fave finds from ukay! Actually I have no intentions to sell them but, I bought them for my store collection. So here they go....

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