Friday, February 19, 2010


Wore this bubble skirt to office. Got this at P50 only!!!

I am so uber HAPPY to have this bubble skirt! I can wear this casually or even on a formal event. I like VERSATILE clothes! Those that can be dress-down or dress-up, those that you can pair with anything and create a fashionable ensemble. Most of my clothes are like that. Especially in this time that money is really something to be earned hard, money should be spent wisely! That's why when I go shopping, I make sure that every piece of clothes that I buy is versatile, and on SALE hehe (who does not like sale?) Ukay-ukay has been my bestfriend when it comes to situations that I feel stressed, and sad. I just go there and shop, dig and dig, and after finding the right piece, every bad feeling is relieved.
Whoa! I remember I passed by an ukay-ukay store yesterday, and it's on sale and the other one is on new arrival! Whoa! I can't wait to go there!

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