Saturday, March 14, 2015

Positive Negative

 It took me a week or so since my last blog entry. What have I been doing lately? well, aside from my mommy duties, day job, and business, I went through a phase of selecting worthy opportunities to get into. I am so lucky to have been given a lot of opportunities, but not all of them are worthy of my time. 

I contemplated over 2 opportunities, 1 is something my heart truly desires, and the other one, is something that is new to me. I have come to choose the later because picking the first one would put me to a situation that I am sure I'll regret later on. Sure it's a thing I have ever wanted but the consequences would cost me too much (money wise, time wise). And so, I came to venture into something very new to me, something I realized is a great opportunity for me and for other people as well, only if we know how to open our minds. 

Arriving at this decision, I have seen two kinds of people, the positive ones, and the negative ones. People will always talk about you and the decisions you make without even knowing a single point of the idea, or the worst, they would even discourage you. But still, I thank God for giving me a handful of positive people who believes in me, and who supports me to any decisions I make. these are the people I need at the very moment. And I clearly do not understand why such negative people even exists on earth. 

I may not know what will come on the next days, or what will happen to my decision, but I sure know in my heart, I wouldn't be here if God didn't let me be here. And I know there's a purpose. :)

bag- Sacola PH

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